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Little Swahili Boy

by Emylee Ballo


For the first time, I saw someone

in two places at once.

His elementary legs four yards ahead of his mind

running away from the bullying stick-throwers

his brain longed to name friends.


The little boy didn’t resemble the others—

dirtier than the path he ran on

smaller than the single-portion meal he didn’t receive

But more joyful than the songs he clapped to

in the third-world classroom.


I didn’t know his name

but to him, I was “Teacher.”

I only wanted to help aide his time left on earth—

Just have him sit on the side a spare moment

and if he waited with his water

he would receive a double portion.

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Yin Yang

A poem by Christine Fusselman, Class of 2016


Colorful leaves

radiate like fire’s glow.

As embers rise into the dark,

flaming foliage twists, turns,

descends from lofty limbs.

Tugged from their summer home

by autumn’s whistling winds.

Beautiful turns ugly,

falling to the ground.

Withering, rotting, burying itself

within an earthy mound.


Yet, death nurtures life

in the calm, still winter.

Cold turns to warm.

Old becomes new.

Brilliant blooms spring from below

displacing winter’s hue.

Tender stems become strong trees

wrapping themselves in jackets of leaves –

bright, beautiful, colorful leaves.

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Poetry Submission: Deje Butler

Poetry is the music of our soul here at The Central Pen, and we have a fantastic community of lyrical artists. From free verse to spoken word to slant rhyme, we love it all, and we are here to share our creative energies with you.  Enjoy this submission from one of our homegrown poets.

About the writer.

Deje ButlerDeje Butler is  19 years old.  Born in Washington, DC, she was raised in Dale City, Virginia. She has recently changed her major to criminal justice (originally business administration).  At CPC, she volunteers at the writing center and will be a part of the college’s new drama club. She loves writing and art as well as meeting new people. She also enjoys going to museums of any kind and reading.  She says, “I feel like I’m going on a adventure when I do so–its exhilarating!”

Summers End

Its ending…
As the sun kisses my face goodbye,
feeling its embrace.


Its ending…
This firery relationship between us,
is slowly becoming memories,
memories that once was reality.


Its ending…
The laughs, the smiles,
the love for the blaze.
Rubbing my bare feet on the grass,
watching the leaves changing colors
like an adaptive reptile.


Its ending…
Feeling the greet of a cool breeze.
Here you are again, stepping back in my life.
We meet again.



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