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It’s not about having time, it’s about making time

If everyone waited until they ‘had some time’ to sit down and write, then we wouldn’t have William Faulkner‘s As I Lay Dying, Joseph Heller‘s Catch-22, Lewis CarrollAlice’s Adventures Under Ground, or much of the early works of T.S. Eliot, Wallace Stevens, Toni Morrison, Franz Kafka, William Carlos Williams, or Jorge Luis Borges.  These literary giants worked day jobs at some of the most mundane placespost offices, insurance companies, and banks–all while dreaming of the stories, expressions, and lyrics that have come to be a part of our literary genetic code.

What sets these authors a part from us is not that they had more time, but that they made the time to scratch the writing itch.

But how do you make time in a world where the most creative exercise many of us get is how to rig the alarm clock so that you don’t end up smashing it against the wall in the morning? Continue reading

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The “R” Word: Revision

There comes the point in the life of a writer when their work emerges from its dusty hiding place under the bed, or stops serving as a coaster on the night stand, or leaves the expansive margins of the Basic Algebra notebook. This is the moment when the budding writer steps out into the light, and makes the declaration to the world:

I am Communicator, Story Teller, Poet.

They claim their name and walk in that truth, but before their transformative process is complete, they must embrace one important part of the writing process: the dreaded R word! Continue reading

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Poetry Contest Winners Announced!

Poetry ContestAfter a record-setting year for submissions, The Central Pen E-zine is pleased to announce the winners of this year’s poetry contest sponsored by The Central Pen and the American Academy of Poets.  These poets impressed the judges ‘brutal honesty, ’’captivating’ images, ‘use of allusions,’ ‘playful word choice,’ and ‘use of dialect.’

First Place: “I am” by Jade Harper
Second Place: “Changes” by Isaiah Isley
Third Place: “Nerd Music” by Dezmyn Edmond

In addition to their prizes, all of our poets will be featured in here on the blog in the upcoming months!

Thank you to all of our poets Roman Alcazar, Robert Ashkenes, Kyisha Bright, Ricky Cousar, Steven Henry, Jr., Derrick Johnson, Richard Mann, Charles Mull, Jacquelyn Roi, Hollyann Thigpen, Bachelle Upshur, Myrna Vicente-Cruz, Ireshia Warren, and Jordyn Zelko.

A special thank you our judges Professors Thomas Davis and Matthew Vickless, Writing Center Director Dalton James, and Student Activities Coordinator Danielle Klebes all of whom had a difficult job this year determining the winners.

– – –

The Central Pen Staff

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