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Creative Writing and The Job Market: Part Two

In a career-focused college, some may ask: how do outlets like literary magazines contribute to college students’ professional goals? how do they provide students with intellectual and professional advancement opportunities? and why do we need venues like literary magazines?  This post series looks at each of these questions in-depth and offers advice to college students who are looking to navigate an increasingly challenging (and rewarding!) job market landscape.

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How do literary magazines  provide our students with intellectual and professional advancement opportunities?

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The easy answer: become a student editor!  As a student editor,  your words and work will be read by future employers, which will give you some control over your internet presence.  In an increasingly digital world, our students must be prepared not just with the traditional tools of the trade (well-written cover letters, resumes, and letters of recommendation) but also an online presence that enhances those qualities outlined in those materials.  

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Like it or not, employers and recruiters use your Facebook, Twitter, and other social networks to get a sense of the ‘real’ you.

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We have all read about the potential dangers and pitfalls social media pages are posing to potential job seekers (not to mention if you are already employed). Writing for a professionally reviewed and edited blog allows you to get your name out there in a way that is not only safe, but beneficial! 
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Elizabeth Gilbert: Your elusive creative genius

elizabeth-gilbert-at-tedAre you stuck inside today?  Wishing that you were not sitting in the path of the winter storm?  Want to get your creative juices flowing?  Well, check out this short video.

It’s TED talk by Elizabeth Gilbert, author of best-selling work Eat, Pray, Love, where she talks about the “elusive” genius inside us all.

So, are you ready to tap into your elusive genius?  Here some help to get you started:

  • What would you do if you knew you couldn’t fail?
  • How would you survive the end of the world?  Brains, braun, beauty?
  • What would you do if you could go back in time and meet yourself?
  • What would you do with a forbidden book of knowledge?
  • How would spend in the next hour if you were invisible?

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UCre8 presents: The Jeffers Project

JeffersThe Jeffers Project is a dramatic presentation of poetry written by local author, Maria James-Thiaw and Pennsylvania native, Robinson Jeffers. Jeffers is being honored this year by the National Endowment for the Arts Big Read Program. The part of Jeffers is being played by Steve Anderson, while Maria James-Thiaw plays the voice of the contemporary poet. The event, directed by UCre8 founder, Janet Bixler, is being presented in conjunction with the Poetry Out Loud competition at the Midtown Scholar Bookstore on Thursday, February 6th at 6 PM. Admission is free. Continue reading


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