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Creative Writing and the Job Market: Part One

In a career-focused college, some may ask: how do outlets like literary magazines contribute to college students’ professional goals? how do they provide students with intellectual and professional advancement opportunities? and why do we need venues like literary magazines?  This post series looks at each of these questions in-depth and offers advice to college students who are looking to navigate an increasingly challenging (and rewarding!) job market landscape.

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How do outlets like literary magazines contribute to our student’s professional goals?

A 2013 survey of 318 employers revealed that writing and related skills are at the top of my employers’ and recruiters‘ “must have!” lists:

93% of employers said that a demonstrated capacity to think critically, communicate clearly and solve complex problems is more important than a job candidate’s undergraduate degree.

95% say they prioritize hiring college graduates with skills that will help them contribute to innovation in the workplace.

80% of employers agree that regardless of their major, every college student should acquire broad knowledge in the liberal arts and sciences.

95% of those surveyed say that it is important that new hires demonstrate ethical judgement and integrity, intercultural skills, and the capacity for continued new learning.

So, how does a literary magazine help students to gain these skills?  Let’s look at them individually.

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Finding the Write Place

Some of the best places to write bring peace, tranquility, and harmony. These are the places that evoke the “creative juices” and have inspired some of the best works of literature.  Being in a place helps your thoughts run wild, and you can hear yourself think.

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Call it a sanctuary–that special place where you can use the pen as your paintbrush and the paper as your blank canvas.

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