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Summer Flash Fiction Contest!

The Central Pen staff is pleased to announce their latest writing contest, which celebrates the work of flash fiction authors!  For this contest, the staff is looking for submissions that are less than 500 words, and all stories are due on later than August 11th.  See the flyer below for details.

Not sure what flash fiction is?  Check out our post on how authors define flash fiction and resources to help inspire your flash fiction masterpiece.

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The  Central Pen Staff


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Meet The Central Penn Staff at the Summer Club Fair!

The Central Penn staff will be at the Club Fair tomorrow, July 10th, to promote our newest contest, our latest submission drive, and of course, The Central Pen!  Join us for some food and fun and learn more about the submitting or becoming a student editor!  

The summer Club Fair is just one of many events that The Central Pen Staff participates in.  Check out our Events page for more!

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The Central Pen Staff

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City Centered: A History

nmp5500If you are a new student at Central Pennsylvania College, I bet you have been told that the original campus was in downtown Harrisburg.  If you’ve been with Central Penn for a while now, that little tidbit of information has probably drilled itself into your skull through repetition and from retelling it to every person who has asked you about the college.  Have you had classes or meetings in the old room of Milano Hall that looks like it came from straight out of a 1920’s crime noire?  Maybe you’ve passed by it so many times now that you don’t even remember what side of Milano it is on.  Or maybe you are on the other end of the fulcrum and you have spent days digging up the history of the college and you practically live in old newsprint.  Wherever you fall on the issue, we are part of the same story.

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