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June 22nd: National Flash Fiction Day

June 22nd is National Flash Fiction Day–just not here in the States.  The event hails from the UK, but flash fiction writers and enthusiasts around the world are invited to join in and celebrate.

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Students Celebrate The Central Pen Launch with Explosive Open Mic Night

Students listen to Jordan Parrish's electric performance

Students listen to Jordan Parrish’s electric performance

On June 12, the students of Central Penn College celebrated the launch of their new e-zine, The Central Pen, with poetry and performance.  The e-zine will feature creative works by students, faculty, staff, and community members along with articles and posts by students and faculty.  You can submit your own work to The Central Pen by clicking here.

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Marilyn Kallet’s 6th Poetry Collection Moves Readers Through Mountains of Emotion

{April 2013} Love in its many forms moves through Marilyn Kallet’s latest collection, The Love that Moves Me published by Black Widow Press. Love, from the sensual and romantic to the unconditional and courageous, moves freely through her narrative verses. Some, so vivid that the reader can taste and smell them, others wrapped like a gift in the mystery of surrealism.

Many of the poems in this collection stand as tribute to those that selflessly resisted the power of hate during World War II, and in her telling of their stories, she resuscitates these heroes in a world that threatens to forget them.
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Maria James-Thiaw Reads From Her New Book: Talking ‘White’

Maria James Thiaw

Maria James-Thiaw prepares to perform for the students, faculty, and staff of Central Penn College

Poet, Professor, and Performance Artist, Maria James-Thiaw, performed pieces from her new book of poetry, Talking “White,” for an audience of students, faculty, and staff at Central Penn College on Thursday, May 30.  The event was hosted by the amazing library staff, Diane Porterfield and Jill Hallam-Miller, of the Charles “T” Jones Library at Central Penn College.

– – –

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2013 Poetry Prize Winner Announced!

We, the staff of The Central Pen Literary Magazine, wish to offer a loud resounding “Congratulations!” to the winner of the 2013 Central Pen Poetry Prize: Mr. Zachary Monnier for his poem “A Broken Bride.”
– – –

She walks on now guided by a few grey hands

Aged and worn, they try to face the demands

Of a community that has been left, forgotten, behind

Surrounded by a fog of drugs and apathetic minds

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Welcome to the Central Pen!

What we do.

The English Department presents the Central Pen Literary E-zine, an online journal comprised of creative writing and visual art from students, faculty, and friends of Central Penn College.  A print version will be published each Fall as well.  Students with strong leadership skills, a love for reading and an interest in writing make up the staff.  They Central Pen offers them leadership roles and publishing credit for their resumes, which will help them as they pursue their various careers.

Who we are.

Professor Maria James-Thiaw

Maria James ThiawProfessor Maria Thiaw (aka poet, Maria James-Thiaw) is a professional writer with 3 published collections of poetry and a spoken word CD, including her latest one Talking “White.”  This General Studies professor has been with the College for nearly a decade. She specializes in creative writing, literature and the humanities. Professor Thiaw holds an MFA in Creative Writing from Goddard College, an M.S. in Communications Studies from Shippensburg University and a B.A. in Communications/Journalism – PR Concentration also from Shippensburg University. To learn more about her published works and performances, follow her on Twitter 

– – –

Professor Melissa Wehler

Melissa WehlerCurrently, Professor Wehler serves as the Program Chair for the English Department where she teaches classes on writing, literature, and film.  Her academic writing has been published in several essay collections including Demons of the Body and Mind and Transnational Gothic where she discusses topics including madness, disability studies, the gothic, and nationalism.  She has two forthcoming articles on Downton Abbey and Neil Gaiman’s Coraline.  She is also currently working on several book-length projects as well as publishing her flash fiction.  Her favorite writing genres are revisionist fairy tales and alterative histories.  Her writing mantra: Don’t find the time to write–make it!

– – –

Student Editors

Working in close cooperation with the faculty advisors, student editors will assist on:

  • generating both creative and information content for the blog and magazine;
  • editing and proofreading content for the blog and magazine;
  • helping to sort and select submissions for the blog and magazine;
  • helping to design the magazine including page layout, organization, and/or thematic areas;
  • helping with promotional events involving the blog and magazine;
  • offering suggestions on future blog posts and/or pages, magazine themes, and/or events

The student editors will be expected to contribute about an hour to the blog and/or magazine a week and possibly up to three hours a week when we are accepting materials for the print magazine; laying out the print magazine; distributing the print magazine; and/or holding events related to the blog and/or magazine.

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