Student Spotlight: Paige Pendl


Hello, my name is Paige Pendl.

I am originally from a small town in the state of Connecticut and moved out here about a year ago to attend school in the Physical Therapist Assistant (PTA) program at Central Penn. I am 19-years-old and I will be graduating in December with my associate degree in PTA.

I started school in July of 2015. Since I am living on campus, I have had wonderful memories and experiences with many of the faculty and staff members as well as other students. It also allows me to attend many of the wonderful club fairs, activities and other fun events around campus. I am able to participate in Club Wars, bonfires, ATEC parties, club meetings, drama productions and many of the sports activities, as well. I help out on campus as much as possible. I am currently the student reporter for the Marketing Department and attend many events, sports-related or not. I am also a part of the Colleges Against Cancer club, VicePresident of the PTA club, a tour guide and a student athlete.

Another advantage of living on campus is that it is easier for me to participate on sports teams. The last two years I have been the women’s soccer team’s captain and have played on the basketball team, with this year being a captain. I won student athlete of the month in October 2015 for all the hard work and effort that I had put in and I am very proud of that. Being a student athlete is a great way to open yourself up and has broadened my horizons with the people I have met and the friendships I have made.

As a student athlete I am always a student first, athlete second. I have to keep all my classes above a 77 in the PTA program in order to pass and work rigorously to maintain a good GPA. The program is very intense, one of the hardest programs at Central Penn, but the professors and other students are wonderful and will help each other out. The PTA degree program is full of great life lessons, as well as clinical lessons that will guide us outside of school. This campus is full of wonderful professors and students. Being a smaller school, after a few terms, you truly get to know students, faculty and staff very well and can create great professional relations that can benefit you later on. This is a warm and welcoming environment that allows students to explore and achieve their highest expectations.

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