New Health Programs Added at Central Penn

Check out what’s new at Central Penn College! Students applying to Central Penn can now consider three new additional Bachelor of Science degree offerings: Health Science, Healthcare Management, and Radiology Sciences. The new programs are now enrolling for Fall 2015.

NewHealthProgramsWith the aging of the baby boomer generation and the changes implemented by the Affordable Care Act, the need for skilled medical professionals in all areas is expected to grow exponentially in the coming years. “Pennsylvania is already experiencing healthcare workforce shortages and could face even more shortages as older healthcare employees retire and younger workforce members relocate or change jobs creating a greater demand for health care,”  says Dr. Krista Wolfe, Dean for the School of Health Sciences.  “Central Penn College believes there is a substantial current and future need for physical therapists, occupational therapists and physician assistants to handle anticipated increases in the number of Pennsylvanians seeking medical attention.  The predicted mass retirement of the Baby Boomers along with the current shortage of healthcare practitioners, and the resulting inadequacy in meeting the health care needs of the current population drove the college to expand their offerings in the health sciences in order to meet these demands.”


Bachelor of Science in Health Science

The Bachelor of Science in Health Science degree program is a transitional program which will qualify students for a graduate level healthcare education required for employment in multiple high-level healthcare fields including: physical therapist, occupational therapist and physician’s assistant. The program will help students develop and enhance leadership skills, learn how to communicate effectively with patients and fellow healthcare professionals, gain understanding into the psychological effects of disability and how to teach patients and caregivers to cope with those disabilities.


Bachelor of Science in Healthcare Management

The Bachelor of Science in Healthcare Management degree program will prepare students to meet the demands of an ever-changing healthcare system. Students will develop and enhance leadership skills, learn to understand and apply business concepts to the healthcare industry and apply critical thinking skills in order to make informed business decisions. The program will prepare students for careers in management, administrative or educational positions within the industry. They will also be prepared to pursue higher academic goals through acceptance into a master’s degree program.


Bachelor of Science in Radiology Sciences

The Bachelor of Science in Radiology Sciences is targeted at medical imaging professionals credentialed and working in the field. It is a transitional program intended to give professionals the opportunity to earn business and management education and skills. The focus of this program will be to expand the student’s leadership skills to further their careers into supervisory positions. Students also will be able to pursue higher level imaging careers such as the registered radiologic assistant. In addition, the Bachelor of Science in Radiology Sciences degree will allow professionals to pursue positions in medical imaging education.


To learn more about these new programs, visit Central Penn’s website, or contact admissions at or 1-800-759-2727.


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Central Penn Students Get Hands-On Experience

Hands-on education is important at Central Penn College. It’s so important that it’s one of our Big Eight Philosophies! Hands-on education components look different in various courses across different programs, but it’s an important element of every student’s education. Just last week, on Thursday, May 7, 2015 students in the Legal StudiesMedical Assisting, and Occupational Therapy Assistant programs experienced some great hands-on learning opportunities.

HandsOn1Professor Randi Teplitz‘s Principles of Legal Research class and members of the Legal Studies Society attended a field trip to McNees, Wallace, & Nurick, one of Harrisburg’s largest law firms, on May 7. During the trip, students participated in a round table discussion with paralegals working in its litigation, family law, estate planning, and intellectual property departments. In addition, presentations were given by its Human Resources Department, Technology Department, and an attorney who is a partner at the firm. It was a great day for the students to talk with people working in the highest echelon of the profession. McNees, Wallace & Nurick is one of the most respected law firms in central Pennsylvania and this was an invaluable learning experience for the students involved.

HandsOn2Also on May 7, a group of Medical Assisting and Occupational Therapy Assisting students participated as guides and in stations at the Pinnacle Children’s Health Fair with Professor Nikki Marhefka. Central Penn students have been helping with this event for many years, and the students continue to have an enjoyable and educational day working with the PinnacleHealth Auxiliary and employees to help the third graders from the area learn about good health.

Want to learn more about hands-on education at Central Penn? Contact admissions by email or by phone at 1-800-759-2727 to schedule a visit to campus!


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The Underground!

This past fall, The Underground was unveiled to current students on campus. The Underground is a new 4,000-square foot student union which includes the following spaces: a 250-seat Capital BlueCross Theatre, fitness center, dance studio, Writing and Learning Center, Student Government Association offices, and the Refresh for Success Student Center.

Along with the rest of the campus community, the admissions team was very excited! We let the students have a little while to get settled in their new space, but then we decided to check out the new fitness center for ourselves!







Want to see it for yourself? Schedule a visit to Central Penn, and we’ll be happy to show you around The Underground and the rest of campus!

Meet our Newest Admissions Counselor!

Welcome Central Penn College’s newest admissions counselor, Brandy Hamilton, to the Central Penn family!


Brandy Hamilton – Admissions Counselor

My name is Brandy Hamilton, and I am an Admissions Counselor at Central Penn College. I am from a small town called Littlestown, PA where I graduated from Littlestown Senior High School (LHS). After graduating from LHS in 2004, I attended HACC, Central Pennsylvania’s Community College, then transferred to The Pennsylvania State University (go Nittany Lions!) where I finished my Bachelor of Science in Psychology.

While attending Penn State, every time I visited my advisor I saw signs for Psi Chi, the international honor society for psychology students. I wanted to make it an accomplishment of mine to be invited to join. I worked really, really hard and was inducted into Psi Chi after my second semester at Penn State! I was so excited to be a part of something big. During my junior year, I was even elected Vice President! During my time at Penn State, I also was a part of the Blue and White Society, helped with local charitable events, and volunteered for research studies.

I currently live in Camp Hill with my husband, our daughter Gracie, and our two fur babies, Lucy and Bailey! We love to travel and go to live music and sporting events, (we are huge Philadelphia sports fans and also enjoy the occasional trip to Happy Valley) and of course, we love to be parents!

Trying to figure out what you want to do with the rest of your life is definitely a tough decision! My advice for selecting a college is to visit as many colleges as you can and find the perfect one for YOU! Every person is different and so is every college. Once you’re in school, make sure that you get involved, whether that is being a part of a team, honor society, or club; you will find that meeting new people and being a part of something will make your college experience an amazing one!


Welcome, Brandy!

Basecamp Summit Provides Learning Opportunities to Visiting High Schoolers

On Monday, November 10, Central Penn College welcomed 156 students from Susquenita, Harrisburg, Penn Manor, Central Dauphin, Big Spring, and Millersburg high schools for the second Basecamp Summit. This biannual event is a bridge program designed to assist high school juniors and seniors as they transition to life beyond the high school classroom.

Basecamp Summit 2
Posing with Voelker, several of the visiting students show off new Central Penn swag won during the event.

The visiting students began the day being welcomed by Central Penn’s President, Dr. Karen Scolforo. Next, the students engaged in a “What’s Next?” panel session run by admissions counselor Curtis Voelker, who is also a 2012 graduate of Central Penn. The panel consisted of three current students and one professor. Questions during the panel covered topics from choosing a major/academic program in college, taking the SAT/ACT, making the most of the end of your high school career, and more.

Moving forward throughout the day, students heard from faculty and staff who volunteered to host an array of informative sessions:

  • Click (Dis)like: Why Social Media Use is Now a Professional Issue
  • Intro to Criminal Justice: The Forensic Process
  • Getting Along: How to Deal with Conflicts in College
  • Unleash your Personal Leadership Power
  • Don’t Just Survive… THRIVE!
  • Financial Literacy 101

The day closed with lunch in Scoozi’s Cafe, Central Penn’s campus eatery, and a tour of the campus.

Student comments from the day included:

  • “Can’t wait to start the OTA [Occupational Therapy Assistant] program!!”
  • “Everything was wonderful.”
  • “Excellent concept for high school students! Thank you for your hard work!”
For any high school juniors and seniors who missed this opportunity, we will be holding another Basecamp Summit in spring 2015! Have your guidance counselor email admissions or call admissions at 1-800-759-2727 to register students for this fun and informative event!


For more information about our graduation rates, the median debt of students who completed the program, and other important information, please click here to visit our ‘Disclosures’ page.

Students Get Hands-On with Forensics

On Thursday, July 24 and Friday, July 25, 30 high school students visited Central Penn College for an intense but fun-filled forensics camp. The camp included hands-on investigations and demonstrations as well as views into the real world of forensics.

DiscoverForensicsCamp1To kick off the camp, students received welcoming words from Cumberland County District Attorney, David Freed. After the welcome, they explored public safety and what it really means to be in the field of criminal justice. They learned how to operate different tools to discover blood, fingerprints, shoe impressions, and bodily fluids from a crime scene. Students then put their new skills to use a few hours later in a mock crime scene investigation led by the Cumberland County forensics team.

“My favorite part of the camp was when we got to break down the mini-mart crime scene,” says Rebecca Nester, a junior at Connections Academy Cyber School. “I liked that we got a taste of the study of ballistics. In the future I plan to go to a junior college to get most of my general education credits and then come to a college like Central Penn to focus on what I want to do in life, and that is criminal justice.”

DiscoverForensicsCamp3The second day of the camp offered students opportunities to learn about and practice bullet extractions and computer forensics. Students worked in groups to dissect pigs’ feet to remove bullet fragments and examine them. After the last activity was completed, all of the students, faculty, and staff who were involved in the camp enjoyed a hearty lunch and awards banquet in The Conference Center.

Funny awards were given to some students, and plaques of completion were presented to all students who attended the camp. Dr. Karen Scolforo, President of Central Penn College, closed the camp with warm words of thanks and presented the Cumberland County forensics team with a $1,000 check for their time, expertise, and the use of their equipment.

With the support of the forensics team and Central Penn faculty, including Professor Sam Morgan, Chair of Central Penn’s Criminal Justice and Homeland Security programs, the students were able to gain a glimpse into what working in the forensics field really looks like and how it differs from what is shown on television. Students also learned that with all of the education that may receive and all of the tools and technologies they may learn to use, their most important tool will always be their minds.

DiscoverForensicsCamp2Interested in learning more about the real world of forensics and criminal justice for yourself? Schedule a visit to Central Penn, and contact admissions to ask about sitting in on a criminal justice class!

Business Seminar Panel Provides New Perspectives

On Wednesday, June 4, Professor Diane Pickel and her Business Seminar (BUS 470) class invited staff, faculty, and students to attend their panel discussion on insights on international trade, new business ventures, and diversity. Pickel kicked off the presentation with introductions of the panel.

Carolina Russo-Holding, a 2008 graduate of Central Penn College and current Market Development Manager, began the discussion with her insights on international trade, something she has become familiar with at her current position. Key points she brought up included understanding trade laws in other countries, understanding taxes, – did you know Brazil’s import tax is 60%?! – how to develop your trade, and what limitations each country has when it comes to imports. She stated global competition is FAST; if you’re not selling it, someone else is – even if it is just an imitation of your high quality product. Keys to successful international trade are building relationships and understanding the culture of the country you are looking to conduct business with while staying compliant with industry laws. Her favorite part of working in the international trade industry is talking with people of different cultures!

Business Seminar Panel

Megan Coble, a 2013 graduate of Central Penn and current Executive Administrator, was next on the panel. She started by explaining that she obtained her required internship for graduation at a non-profit organization and began her work experience with networking and requesting donations for her organization. Through her networking she was introduced to her current employer and from there they began the process of strategic planning to start a new company. She absolutely used what she learned in her classes here at Central Penn and now helps companies reach their goals holistically, not just in one sector of their business. Along with strategic planning, she is responsible for marketing this new company and is excited to be a part of this important growth period in their business.

Romeo Azondekon, Lead Traditional College Advisor at the college, closed out the panel discussion by explaining the importance of diversity in international business from a global perspective. He explained that focusing on diversity is new to many businesses. Diversity has become very important in today’s business world, but while the application of diversity can be difficult for companies, it should be used as a catalyst for growth. Did you know that most Fortune 500 companies are embracing other cultures with global recruiting which brings in different cultures, ideas, and points of view to create a dynamic business model? Romeo really enjoys developing relationships, meeting people, and learning different business practices as part of his international company.

Students, staff, and faculty left with more knowledge and understanding that we are a part of a global society and it is important to be culturally competent. Romeo stated it best when he said, “Don’t look at diversity as a challenge, but an opportunity!”

Common Hour

Common Hour at Central Penn College is a unique opportunity for students to gather along with faculty and staff to develop leadership skills and to learn about a variety of issues through discovering new points of view. Common Hour presentations are held on various Wednesdays from 12:10-1:10 PM. All students are encouraged to attend Common Hours to take advantage of these excellent opportunities to broaden their horizons and learn about new perspectives!

Normally on the first Wednesday of each term, a Club Fair is held during Common Hour to give new students an opportunity to learn about various organizations and ways to get involved on campus including Student Government Association, Student Ambassadors, and other clubs and organizations and athletics opportunities. For the other Common Hour presentations each term, the event presenters may range from well-known speakers to successful graduates, musicians, artists, and community leaders.

Kathleen Kane (left), Pennsylvania Attorney General, with Dr. Karen Scolforo (right), President of Central Penn College
Kathleen Kane (left), Pennsylvania Attorney General, with Dr. Karen Scolforo (right), President of Central Penn College

Recent Common Hour speakers have included:

  • Kathleen Kane, Pennsylvania Attorney General
  • Nancy Chavez, founder of Randi’s House of Angels, a service agency that helps children, family members, and survivors of domestic violence
  • Rob Teplitz, Pennsylvania State Senator

Other topics recently covered and special events held during Common Hour include:

  • Town hall meetings with Central Penn President Dr. Karen Scolforo
  • Student Government Association
  • Special presentation of The Vagina Monologues
  • Peer mediation
  • Black History Month luncheon
  • Black History Month spoken word performance presentation
  • The Affordable Care Act
  • Corporate leadership
  • Entrepreneurship
  • Professionalism

Common Hour for this week (Wednesday, June 4) will feature a story of survival from Maren Loeblein, a military veteran and creator of the Silent NO MORE Facebook page.


Common Hour is just one example of Central Penn College’s commitment to provide students with opportunities to learn from diverse perspectives.

Want to experience this for yourself? Visit our campus!

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