Club Wars 2016 – A Festival of Competition


Sponsored by the Student Ambassadors, Club Wars 2016 was a festival of fun for competing teams and spectators alike. More than 100 spectators, plus teams, filled the field area outside the library.

For the second year, teams competed against each other in eight different events − field days style – with the winning club or team receiving a spirit stick for the most school spirit. Events included a water balloon toss (left), hula hoop contest, dizzy bat relay, three-legged race, egg & spoon relay, push up contest, toilet paper toss (into a hula hoop) and a water pong tournament.

This year’s event found competition from six teams:

  • Student Ambassadors
  • Cheerleaders
  • Women’s basketball team
  • Men’s soccer team
  • Men’s baseball team
  • Men’s basketball team


For each event, every team selected one person (or two if needed, for example, the water balloon toss) to participate. Each team then competed at the same time for the following point system:

  • 1st place – 9 pts.
  • 2nd place – 7 pts.
  • 3rd place – 5 pts.
  • 4th place – 3 pts.
  • 5th place & beyond each received 1 pt.

The team with the most points at the conclusion of the events was the winner. The men’s soccer team, the 2015 champs in a landslide, were the incoming favorites.

This year competition came down to the last event, with the men’s soccer and men’s baseball teams in the lead. Edging out last year’s champs by winning the final event, where points were doubled, and setting up a new friendly Club Wars rivalry was the men’s baseball team.

Go Knights!

Making Strides Against Breast Cancer 5K Walk


On Saturday, Oct. 15 bright and early in the morning, our Colleges Against Cancer club members, along with faculty and staff from Central Penn College, joined around 20,000 participants in the annual Harrisburg Making Strides Against Breast Cancer Walk. The loop starts on City Island in (as you can see) a sea of various PINK hats, shirts, scarves, etc. The path continues over the pedestrian bridge and down Front Street of Harrisburg and circles back along the river until you reach the pedestrian bridge again and cross the finish line.

Colleges Against Cancer Club is comprised of several students who have facilitated fundraising over the past couple months for the event. So far they have raised more than $1,200 toward the fight against breast cancer. Making Strides is part of the American Cancer Society. Our donations and fundraising efforts go toward promoting prevention and early detection, as well as supporting patients in their recovery, pursuing lifesaving treatments and fighting back.

To see what other exciting things the Colleges Against Cancer Club has going on, please check out our Facebook page (Colleges Against Cancer at CPC).