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Central Penn students have the opportunity to earn college credits towards their major for their professional work experience, we’ll discuss the qualifications to earn work life credits. The credits earned through professional experience shorten the length of their education saving them time and money.

Presented by Rebecca Bowman, Senior Director of Admissions and Dr. Krista Wolfe, Dean of Health Sciences.

New Student Move-In… the beginning of new beginnings


Central Penn College hosts New Student Move-In the weekend before classes begin. This day is filled with grey moving bins, stacks of luggage, and cars loaded with necessities, which line College Hill Road, and fill the nearby college parking lots. 

Move-In is always an exciting day, which is filled with questions and inquiries from both parents and students. Questions like: Where is the laundry on campus? What are the hours of the Knight & Day Café? Where is the nearest grocery store? And what kind of weekend activities are around? Of course, these are just to name a few.  Thankfully, there are plenty of knowledgeable folks from the Residence Life and Admissions teams around to answer all of these questions! 

Move-in day can also be a bit scary – especially for first-year students. For most students, this is the first time they will be away from home. Move-In marks a new journey – the beginning of new beginnings.

Anyone working in Residence Life or Student Services can tell you that Move-In is the critical first step in setting the tone for a student’s collegiate experience. For this reason, Move-In is accompanied by programs and activities intended to help new students feel welcomed to our Central Penn family. New students will have the chance to meet the whole Residence Life team at a welcome dinner, as well as being building relationships with their housemates through facilitated Suite Meetings.

Studies have shown that the first six weeks of college are crucial to personal development and growth, which is why new students will continue to participate in Housing Orientation activities throughout their first term. Many experts have suggested that it is good for new students to remain on campus and reduce their trips home on the weekends during this adjustment period. This allows students to fully embrace their new journey while encouraging them to focus on their studies, make new friends, and get involved on campus.

We look forward to welcoming new students on campus each term at Move-In… were it all begins!

Central Penn Admissions says YES to College!

Wondering if college is for you? Some people think that college isn’t attainable. Do any of these sound like familiar things you’ve heard or you’ve said before?

  • My friends aren’t going to college.
  • No one in my family has ever gone to college.
  • My high school grades aren’t good.
  • My SAT scores aren’t very good.
  • I didn’t even take the SAT.
  • I don’t have the money to attend college.

There are plenty of reasons that people think that college isn’t attainable for them. However, if you have the drive and ambition to go to college, and you are ready to work hard and persevere, there is an option for you! Whether you need academic assistance, financial assistance, academic accommodations, or anything else, there are resources available. Don’t let excuses get in the way of your chance to attend college!

Central Penn College Admissions Counselor Curtis Voelker recently visited a group of students at Dallastown Area High School to discuss these issues with them. While many students have concerns about college and that’s normal, it’s much better to ask questions and address your concerns than to miss out on all of the opportunities that college can provide.

Voelker at YES Program at Dallastown Area High School
Voelker speaks with the YES program at Dallastown Area High School. College is attainable for so many people, even those who require an interpreter!

If you’d like to talk more about college options or have Curtis speak at your school, contact admissions.


Just hearing the word “interview” makes many people cringe or even want to cry or run away! An interview, however, is an essential part of your college application, and it doesn’t have to be scary. Your admissions interview is a great time to tell your admissions counselor more about yourself!

InterviewAt Central Penn College, the admissions office truly wants to get to know every applicant to our school. That’s why an admissions interview is a requirement for every applicant. There’s no need to be nervous though; here’s what you can expect during an interview at Central Penn College:

  • You’ll be meeting with an admissions counselor who wants to get to know you better.
  • Your admissions counselor will ask you a variety of questions to learn more about you. Examples might include:
    • What kinds of activities/clubs/sports/jobs are you involved with at school or in your community?
    • What program do you want to study and why?
    • What do you plan on doing as a college student to ensure that you will be successful?
  • Your admissions counselor will share some more information about Central Penn College with you. (Remember, this is a two way street! This is your chance to make sure that Central Penn College feels like a good fit for you!)
  • Your admissions counselor will discuss your academic program of interest with you, including looking at classes that you will be taking and discussing the admissions requirements to finish your application.
  • You’ll meet with a financial planning coordinator to learn more about financial aid options.
  • You’ll take a tour of campus.
  • You’ll be able to ask any questions that you have!

Here are some tips to help you get prepared and feel ready for your interview:

  • Research: Before you visit Central Penn, check out our website to learn more about our college.
  • Make a List: As you’re researching, make a list of any questions that you have. Bring your list to the interview so that you can get answers to your questions and feel well-informed!
  • Dress the Part: Dress appropriately and/or professionally for your interview! This doesn’t mean you have to wear a full suit (unless that’s just your style!) but dress well. Leave the ripped jeans, flip flops, shorts, sweatpants/sweatshirts, and inappropriate t-shirts at home. Wear something that represents the person you want to be seen as!
  • Check your Phone: To stay focused on your interview, turn your phone off or put it on “do not disturb” mode.
  • Be Punctual: You’ve scheduled a time to visit, and your admissions counselor has set aside that time to meet with you. Leave yourself plenty of time to get to campus. If you get to campus really early, stop somewhere to get a snack or something to drink: it’s best not to be overly early OR overly late. If you know you’re running late, call to let your admissions counselor know ahead of time.
  • Eye Contact: During your interview, make eye contact with your admissions counselor to show that you’re paying attention and excited to be there.
  • Body Language: Maintain good posture and avoid fidgeting to show that you’re paying attention and excited to be there.
  • Take Notes: You’ll be learning things during your interview, so bring some paper and a pen so that you can write down things you want to remember.
  • Ask Questions: Before you leave, make sure that all of the questions you had were answered, and don’t forget to ask about anything else you want to know!

Hopefully knowing what to expect and how to prepare makes the idea of interviewing seem a little less scary. The day of your interview, however, you may still feel nervous. That’s normal! Just take some deep breaths, smile, and try to relax – you’re going to do great!

Ready to schedule your interview? Schedule online or contact admissions by email or by calling 717-732-0702.

Still feeling nervous? If you register for an open house or group visit day, you can complete your interview in a group interview format, which some students find less stressful!

Visit, Visit, VISIT!!!

Do I really need to visit colleges??


We hear some version of this question on a regular basis here in Central Penn College’s admissions office. The short answer is simply, YES, you should visit colleges! Below are a few thoughts on why it’s important.

Try it before you buy it! Deciding what college you plan to attend is a BIG decision. You’ll spend years studying and living there, and you’ll also be spending quite a few dollars there whether it’s up front and/or later on, if you’re paying back loans. College is also the key to your future whether it’s landing a great career, getting ready for graduate school, opening your own business, or whatever your goal for the future is. You probably don’t know anyone who would make a big purchase like a car or a house (or even a suit or a prom dress!) without checking it out first, and you should feel the same way with picking out a college. You should “try it” (visit a college) before you “buy it” (decide to attend there).

“Ain’t nothing like the real thing.” Most people probably start their college search process (whether they realize it or not!) by reading mailings, emails, and other information sent by colleges. This is a great way to form an initial opinion of a college, but no matter how much of this material you soak up, it’s never a replacement for visiting in person where you can form your own opinions. Walk through the campus yourself; check out the beautiful spring flowers or the lovely autumn leaves. Sit in on a class or talk to a current student. These opportunities only come from visiting a college in person!

lester_053014_0105College “Fit” “Fit” is a word you’ll probably hear a few times during your college search. People will define “fit” in many different ways, but basically what it means is that feeling that you get when a college just feels like it’s made for you. When you look up information about a college, you can get an idea of what majors, athletics, and activities are offered, what campus housing is like, where it’s located, how the graduates have done, etc, but visiting in person is a totally different experience. You might think that one college sounds like a great match for you while doing research, but when you visit, it just might not feel like the right place for you. On the flipside, you might look up information about another college and be unsure if it’s the right place for you, and then when you visit, you might feel like you can just envision yourself there; it just feels right. That’s “fit,” and the best way to figure it out is by visiting.

So whether you’re a rising junior just starting to think about college, a rising senior starting to decide what colleges you want to apply to, or even a high school graduate ready to take the plunge and go back to school, take some time to visit colleges!


Central Penn College is having a Summer Open House coming up on Saturday, July 19. Registration will start at 8:45 AM, and we’d love to have you visit here to get the full experience in person! See more about the Summer Open House and register online, or if you’d prefer to visit one-on one, schedule an individual weekday visit!

Happy Holidays!

Happy holidays from the Central Penn College Admissions team!


Best wishes from Stacey, Caitlin, Adrienne, Rebecca, Amanda, Danielle, and everyone at the college!


Visit us sometime soon; we can’t wait to meet you!

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